My plan was to use a shotgun approach: Start on all of the ideas that were bubbling up in me (an intricate tree/neg space lino, the three large panels, a series of tiny foggy landscapes and the exploration of jewelry making...oh, and a continuation of the ink work). I'm now realizing how frustrated that has made me. Having so many irons in the fire has limited the time I can spend on each project to the point that I am overwhelmed.


Today I decided it was important to finish up some ideas so I can more effectively focus my energies. I have decided to return to oil paint for my large panels (I had given up oils due to toxicity, but I just miss the richness too much.) So I finally finished the lino cut that I started months ago...lots of tedious work (which I love...I know, weird!) and managed to pull a few prints today. It was the first time printing without a press (the old wooden spoon method) and I only had black ink so I screwed around with Chine Colle for color. Pulled five prints...I'll probably do a handful more then put printing aside for a bit so I can focus on the oils over xmas vacation (of course I'm also looking forward to getting away...cannot wait to see the David Hockney show at the deYoung in S.F.)!

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