Open Studio

I have been preparing the studio for our local Art and Garden Tour. Combining the two is ideal for me...I am like a ping pong ball: studio/garden/studio/garden.


I have been cranking out prints at a frenetic pace, just producing while I have access to the printing press and hoping to make sense of the images later. As I sort through what I have, as I gain a small measure of competence in the medium, I can see the same visual and conceptual sensibilities beginning to emerge in the work. 


I finally came up with the title for my recent work: Substitute Nature. Going all the way back to the cows, I realize this has always been my subject....our earnest, and sometimes misguided, attempt to create, encourage, nurture nature in suburbia. We want nature in our lives on our terms...not too big or unruly or smelly or inconvenient. The olive trees illustrate this relationship perfectly. The fact that our town is dotted with them plus the radical variation in their shapes...they are a record of our attitude towards them.

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