Drypoint line

The drypoint line
The drypoint line

I'm still exploring printmaking...specifically drypoint: Simply scratching into a copper plate, rubbing ink into the mark and printing that mark onto paper. There are so many thousands of printmaking techniques to learn, but I can't seem to exhaust this one concept. The line is so seductive. 


To try to gain perspective, I refer back to my one of my other interests; cooking. Since I don't plan or hope to make a living with this "hobby" I find it easier to judge my emotions/tastes. I hate flavored coffee, flavored vinegars...I don't cook things with a long list of ingredients. I prefer simple, good, things (I want to use the word "pure" but that sounds too far out...almost militant.)


"Less is more," one of my favorite sayings. My new printmaking teacher, Tyler Ferreira used it and I say it to my students constantly. Strip down the idea to its purist form.


My work is focused on the line, the line and the paper. Everything else falls away, The image is simply the armature for the line.


Now I am on the quest to perfect the line...and then to figure out how to document the line. Seems simple.

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